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role-based skill benchmarking

Use data to discover trending skills. Know and drive the skills you should focus on now for your organisation.

here's how we do it

Define and benchmark role-based functional, leadership, digital & meta skills across 40 industries and 2000+ job roles with our data-driven Skills Architect tool.

Know and plan vertical and lateral career progressions within your organisation. Have clear visibility on the career paths of employees from within each department.

Identify skill gaps with our proprietary skill score computed based on data from comprehensive assessments like 360° assessment, pyschometric test - BIG 5, Tech skill coding assessment.

AI maps content from the ever growing off-the-shelf repository of 10 million+ learning assets to the individual skills across the proficiency levels.

here's how we do it

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case studies

Here’s how we have helped our customers benchmark their team’s skills and be ready for the nxt.