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Reskilling and upskilling insights from L&D global sentiment survey
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Reskilling And Upskilling Insights From L&D Global Sentiment Survey

Businesses globally have acted in an agile and decisive manner to address the challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis. Most companies have embraced upskilling and reskilling to emerge stronger from the pandemic. In the Global Sentiment survey conducted by Donald H Taylor, upskilling and reskilling topped the list when the L&D team were asked, “what will be hot in workplace L&D in 2021” . 

The Global Sentiment survey has been conducted every year since 2014 to have a pulse check on the L&D field. However, this year was unlike others. Upskilling and reskilling took a commanding lead over other options in the survey. 

Let’s mull over the key excerpts from the survey report:

  1. The covid-19 crises extended the skill gap caused by digitalization 
  2. Reskilling and upskilling is currently the top priority for the L&D teams 
  3. Post pandemic, the focus of L&D shifted on social learning and personalized delivery  
  4. Learning analytics is now gaining traction as data has become  the new dominant force in learning and development 

For more insights, check out – 

Donald H Taylor’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021

To conclude

Post-covid new roles have emerged, and the challenges have increased in the various industries. Upskilling and reskilling workforce is crucial for surviving and thriving in the competitive market. An all-in-one skilling suite like Disprz can be your helping hand in upskilling and reskilling your employees. From creating a personalized learning journey to monitoring it with deep analytic, you can do a lot with the AI-based LXP (Learning Experience Platform) to empower your employees and make them future-ready. See a preview to explore various features of Disprz. 

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