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low-touch high-scale onboarding

Accelerate time to productivity through effortless onboarding experience. Track progress real time.

here's how we do it

Drive pre-joining engagement. Launch workflows that auto assign 30-60-90 day structured onboarding journeys with reminders and social learning.

Include a host of micro-learning content nuggets. Combine on-the-job training, manager or buddy coaching, live training, graded subjective assessments, free or MOOC content and many more.

Auto-assign feedback based on calendar schedule. Take contextual feedback from different stakeholders like reporting manager, buddy, classroom trainer, employee.

Track employee performance and feedback with customised management dashboards. Reduce time-to-productivity and first 90 day attrition by tracking employee job readiness and having a view on the predictive analytics.

here's how we do it

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