Drive higher learning ROI with Learning Experience Platform-LXP

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Increase learning completion rate and adoption rate by 3X times with a highly engaging and an impactful learning experience platform-LXP

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Value delivered to our customers




increase in average learning hour per employee

increase in learning completions through personalized journeys

increase in employee engagement through disprz LXP

Why LXP?

Manager workflows

AI based content recommendations

Social and gamified learning

Business integrated dashboards

Software Integrations

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I already have an LMS, why should I replace it with disprz LXP?

-  Faster integrations with business systems to track

    employee performance

-  Better AI-driven engine for customized learning


-  Increased engagement through social and gamified


-  Ever-growing content repository of 10 mn+ assets

How can I make my LMS smarter with disprz LXP?

-  Make learning personalized with AI

-  Upgrade to a skill based, curated learning journeys

-  Performance-linked learnings

-  Bringing manager in the flow of work

We needed to engage our workforce with skill-based training to improve business performances, and disprz's intuitive platform provided us with just what we wanted.

Disprz has been enabling skilling transformation for our frontline workers. We have been able to track and improve individual performance by linking learning with KPI objectives


Sami Handley

Director, IEMS Academy, Bee'ah

Gulshan Bakhtiani

Founder and Director, Wellness Forever