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Manufacturing giant Pidilite jumps on the skilling bandwagon with disprz

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Be ready for now and the nxt with disprz skilling suite. Identify the right skills needed to ace disruptions, assess organizational skill readiness, bridge the gaps with AI-driven hyper-personalized skilling pathways.

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Equip your employees with the right skills that are needed to stay relevant and win in the digital-first world. Benchmark proficiencies with the best skill frameworks.

Ensure on-job productivity by assessing where every team member stands right now. Track their skilling progress with Disprz Skill scores and Role fitment scores.

Track more than mere learning progress with business-linked dashboards. Get to know the trending skills. Have visibility on individual and organizational skill gaps.

Bridge the skill gaps with AI-based learning pathways that recommend hyper-personalized content, from organization's in-house library, integrated MOOC, resources from web, OJT or micro-gigs.

here's how we do it

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