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Manufacturing giant Pidilite jumps on the skilling bandwagon with disprz

Accelerate time to productivity through effortless onboarding experience. Deliver structured workflows at scale. Track progress real time.

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Make them job ready real quick. Drive pre-joining engagement with workflows. Auto assign 30-60-90 day structured onboarding journeys with reminders and social learning.

From microlearning modules, on-the-job training, manager / buddy coaching, live a/v training, graded subjective assessments to classroom training, choose your way to workforce engagement.

Get feedback based on predefined schedule. Take contextual feedback from different stakeholders like reporting manager, buddy, classroom trainer, employee.

Track employee performance with customised dashboards. Improve time-to-productivity by tracking employee job readiness. Reduce first 90 day attrition with insights from predictive analytics.

here's how we do it

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Amplifying time to productivity for Wellness Forever through faster onboarding
Increased sales performance through continuous learning for AIA insurance group
centralized skilling platform to ensure continuous learning

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frontline enablement

Empowering distributed workforce to keep them ever job ready

experience platform

Make the switch to skilling that creates business impact

skilling for business impact

Identify, assess, build and measure the impact of skills with one suite

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