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Manufacturing giant Pidilite jumps on the skilling bandwagon with disprz


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Supercharge your learning plans with a combination of in-house content and integrations with the best global providers. Engage your employees with blended, skill-based, micro learning experiences.

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With our vast content library, offer diversified and mobile first learning experiences with 10 million learning assets aggregated from 100+ global content providers. Grow your library by integrating with other content providers on-demand.

Increase adoption with a variety of learning resources from the world's best providers made available in one place.

Host the content nuggets that you author and make it available for your employees anytime, anywhere, on the job, on the go.

Open up your content library to the best of both worlds, AI and human curation, that presents to you the finest content from the web.

Get more resourceful by choosing to grow your content library with integrations based on demand and with your existing online learning partners.

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