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Key insights from Josh Bersin's report on employee experience
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Key Insights From Josh Bersin’s Report On Employee Experience

Prioritising employee growth has become crucial for thriving in the post-covid era.  “The Great Resignation” has further deepened the emphasis on employee experience. Due to the increasing talent shortage, attracting and retaining proficient employees has become more critical. Enhancing employee experience is one of the best ways to reduce attrition and improve employee satisfaction. 

Josh Bersin and the team conducted a study on employee experience and came up with an in-depth Report, The Definitive Guide- Employee Experience.  

Below are the key excerpts from the report that focuses on employee experience:

  1. Drive agility and support employees to deal with ambiguity. 
  2. Reinvent learning practices and speed up performance management. 
  3. Cultivate a positive work culture where employees can grow their careers and skills. 
  4. Take ongoing actions for providing a great employee experience. 
  5. For attracting talents, it is imperative to become an irresistible organization that people would love to join.
  6. The right tools and support can help you become an irresistible organization. 
  7. Collaboration platform, knowledge management system and in-the-flow learning apps enable remote and flexible work. 
  8. Focus on trust, transparency, inclusion and care 
  9. Motivate employees to continuously develop regardless of their role 
  10. Have a people-first approach and encourage employees to bring their authentic selves to work. 

When companies make the mission and purpose part of all work, they are 4.3 times more likely to meet or exceed financial targets and 4.8 times more likely to satisfy and retain customers. 


Companies with great employee experience are less likely to lose their best talents. Employees often stay loyal to companies that invest in their wellbeing and growth. An AI-based tool like Disprz Learning Experience Platform (LXP) can help in creating personalised learning journey for skill development and growth. AI-based recommendation based on employee learning history and interest helps in addressing unique learning needs. Request a demo to experience  Disprz LXP  in action. 

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