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Take charge of your virtual trainings with engagement as your super power, interaction as your driving force and gamification as your secret sauce.

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27th October, 2021

60 mins


what will be covered in the session

The power tool every new age facilitator, 

yes, you deserve!

lead with engagement as your power-point


Engagement? No more a challenge. Let's break that ice, animate your sessions and keep the wheels of interaction spinning.

know it. steer it. win it.

Let's involve every participant in session, know their sentiments, get instant validation, to an extent never imaginable even in face-to-face sessions.


it's all about fun and fulfillment

Why not gamify your sessions?! Make it all-work-all-play. Let's strike the perfect balance between energy-high interactives & thought-intensive reflective activities.


team up to co-create & multiply energy

Break out rooms? Check. Collaborative docs? Check. Team sticky notes? Check. It's time to get your participants to talk, during and about your session!


get insights that's actually insightful

Measure more than mere polls. Let's get meaningful analytics on the progress, leaderboard, results to have an edge over the future.


all your virtual facilitation challenges end here.

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