Increase your sales performance by 30% through skilling • #FastTrackFrontline

frontline enablement

Drive business outcomes by introducing engaging learning experiences for your distributed workforce.

here's how we do it

Enable automated workflows linked with employee performance. Include mobile-first micro-learning like on-the-job training, manager coaching, live training, curated pathways, assessments including live viva / sales pitches.

Ensure everyday learning with bite-sized, mobile-first content. Communicate at scale with peer generated content and multi-lingual authoring. Drive engagement with social collaboration and gamification.

Track employee level performance like KPI, KRAs, by integrating with business systems you use for support, sales & marketing, collaboration, or with even your internally developed business tools.

See the needle move by launching micro surveys and graded assessments with ongoing manager feedback. Track completions. Witness real-time translation of learning outcome to work behaviour that links back to business outcomes.

here's how we do it

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