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Excerpts from Mc Kinsey podcast focusing on today’s skills tomorrow jobs
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Excerpts From Mc Kinsey Podcast Focusing On Today’s Skills, Tomorrow Jobs

The world of work is changing at a fast pace. Upskilling and reskilling have become the need of the hour to prepare the workforce for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Here are a few excerpts from the podcast by McKinsey Talks Talent, that features McKinsey leaders and talent experts, Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger. The two experts share their insights on how to best prepare for the new world of work.

Below are a few highlights from their discussion with McKinsey Publishing’s Lucia Rahilly. 

  • Reskilling starts with asking yourself, What’s critical to our organization being successful? What is that demand in tasks? What is that demand in skills? And what do we have now? Just following that prescription helps leaders get started.“- Bill Schaniger 
  •  “We have a group of employees capable of doing something today. How can we ensure they’re able to do something different tomorrow?”  The answer falls into three categories: “Redeploying,” or moving somebody elsewhere in the company. “Upskilling,” or taking the essence of what employees do and improving it—helping them become more advanced, more gifted at what they do. And “Reskilling,” which is old school: training you in something new” – Bill Schaniger 
  • “Often, we think of reskilling as about digital skills. But it’s also about the human skills that remain once things are automated. And about a lot of the white-collar jobs where dull tasks will be automated; that’s where much of this reskilling and upskilling focus is” – Bryan Hancock 

To dig deeper into these insights check out the blog “ Today’s skills, tomorrow’s jobs: How will your team fare in the future of work”.

Need the right solution for upskilling and reskilling your employees to prepare them for tomorrow’s advanced work environment? Talk to us we can guide you. 

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