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Disprz bagged $13 million in a Series B round of funding
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Disprz Bagged $13 Million In A Series B Round Of Funding

It is rightly said, hard work never goes unnoticed. Our unwavering determination towards empowering companies to right-skill their workforce helped us earn trust and confidence in the skilling and learning space. 

Yet another milestone for Disprz as we successfully secured $13million in a Series B round of funding led by Dallas Venture Capital and Mars Growth Capital. Our investors’ trust, employees’ efforts, and customers’ beliefs helped us secure capital to catalyse our growth and expansion strategies. 

“The company’s continued traction in emerging markets excited us to partner with Disprz. We believe that the DVC advantage program, focused on startups, would greatly benefit Disprz during this exciting growth phase,” quoted Gokul Dixit, venture partner, Dallas Venture Capital in Entrepreneur. India.

The technology that brought us here 

In 6 years, Disprz grew from an enterprise learning solution to an end-to-end AI-based learning and skilling suite. Disprz enables enterprises to win in the digital-first world by onboarding, right-skilling, and unlocking employees’ full potential. Blending technology with cognitive science principles, Disprz creates impactful and engaging learning pathways for the employees at different levels. It helps identify the right skills needed for emerging job roles, drives hyper-personalized learning, and makes available insightful analytics that links back skilling to business performance.

The challenges posed by the Pandemic and The Great Resignation have propelled companies to look beyond a conventional training system. Skilling and development have taken center stage in several companies. We are glad that companies across different industries trust Disprz to address their employee upskilling and reskilling needs.  We now serve over 200+ customers across the globe. Disprz has consistently doubled in revenue year on year and witnessed a 150% growth in 2021. 

“We started out as a single product company, but are now a multi-product company, addressing the skill needs of both frontline and knowledge workers through unique offering, while solving key business problems. We are no longer just a good-to-have learning platform but a core business platform that can provide our customers with a competitive advantage”– quoted Kuljit Chadha, Co-founder and COO, Disprz in Economic Times 

What are we planning to do with the $13million funding? 

The current funding will help us make the big leap forward in our growth plan and accelerate our expansion strategies. Disprz will use the 13$ million capital infusion to make positive changes for the upliftment of the company and the customers. 

 Here is a glimpse into what we are planning to do next. 

Product strengthening: Build innovative solutions to meet future skilling needs

For innovating and building more industry-led products, we are planning to invest in cutting-edge technologies. We’ll focus on developing future-driven solutions for meeting the skilling needs of tomorrow, even before companies anticipate it. We intend to make the solution more user-friendly and engaging so that companies can increase adoption and empower the employees to win in the ever-evolving digital world. 

Based on the feedback received from the customers, we will enhance our existing features and add new functionalities for making Disprz stronger. We are looking forward to optimising our product roadmap and tapping unexplored areas for providing a great user experience to our existing and new customers. 

Team expansion: Hire the best talents to strengthen the team 

From a smart skilling team to proficient engineers,  Disprz is backed with a talented workforce consisting of veterans with several years of experience in different fields.  With the new funding, we shall expand this team and add more talents to support our vision and growth. Being a skilling and development company, we are also building new strategies to boost the overall growth of our  employees for providing utmost satisfaction to our global clients, 

Market expansion: Deepen current market presence and tap into the US market 

It has been an exciting journey so far, and we are looking forward to exploring new market opportunities for our growth. Beyond expanding our existing presence in South East Asia and Middle East markets, we plan to establish a strong foothold in the US market. 

We are excited to welcome Dallas Venture Capital into the mission of Disprz. DVC’s founding team are former founders who have scaled and exited start-ups and their understanding of the SaaS space, coupled with their strong network in the US, make them a perfect partner for Disprz as we look to establish ourselves in developed markets, particularly the US,” quoted Subramanian Viswanathan, Co-Founder and COO, Disprz, in Business Standards 

Read more about the funding:

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Final Thoughts

The $13 million funding is a critical milestone for Disprz as it will provide the resources for moving to the next level. We extend a huge thank you to our investors, customers and employees who helped us reach this far. We’ve been growing at a fast pace, we aim to reach a top line of $100 million by 2025. Excited for the journey ahead? Stay tuned as Disprz prepares to offer the best experience. 

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