Disprz Learning Maturity Survey - what's your quotient?

Disprz’s FREE learning maturity survey brings you better learning clarity in 6 mins!

Over the last 6 years, we have worked with global companies, across industries, to address the most pressing challenges in the skill development space.

The most crucial question companies want to know today are- Are their learning initiatives impactful? What can they do to improve?

By evaluating the learning maturity of your organization, you can determine the effectiveness of your learning initiatives - Know where you are, Where you want to go, and How you can get there!

To make this process easier, we have built a tool called the Disprz Learning Maturity Survey (DLMS). This is an annual research-oriented initiative to help companies explore, build and

set industry benchmarks on learning best practices.

Here’s why you should take the survey today:

The survey generates a unique report for you, that will include:

Your current scores as per 7 research-backed learning themes picked out by our SMEs.

Your high-scoring areas, what it means and what you can do to maximize its benefits

Your low-scoring areas, what it means, and what you can do to improve