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Upskill your frontline team effortlessly with mobile learning

5 Benefits of Using Mobile Learning to Upskill Your Frontline Workforce


Upskilling the frontline workforce is a challenging task without the right learning strategy. Most of the frontline workers don’t have access to laptops or desktops. They are crushed for time. This distributed workforce often resides in different regions of the country. They might not know the standard languages like Hindi or English. Moreover, some of the frontline employees in Tier -3 and Tier – 4 cities often face bandwidth issues.

The most effective learning strategy to address these challenges is mobile learning. Mobile is a convenient device to get the learning material out quickly in the moments that matter to your frontline employees. It meets them right in the flow of work. Mobile learning gives them the freedom to learn at their own pace. Moreover, they can download and have offline access to the learning materials. 

5 Benefits of Mobile Learning For Frontline Workers

Upskill your frontline workforce on-the-go by providing bite-sized training on the device they already use every day. Mobile learning offers a plethora of learning opportunities to the frontline workforce to increase their efficiency and improves their skills regardless of where they are. Whether they are traveling or waiting for a client, they can easily use that free time to learn something new. 

Here are a few reasons to make mobile learning a part of your upskilling strategy.  

1. Better onboarding and reduced churn rate 

When it comes to the frontline, companies experience a very high churn rate. Employees leave quickly if they find the product or process complicated or are not satisfied with the job. So, it is pivotal to create an effective and simple onboarding process to make the life of the frontline employees easier.

The best way to do it is by taking the mobile-first approach. Adding automation to onboarding can help speed up the process. So from the first day of joining, the frontline team will receive all the necessary information about the product and company to perform efficiently. 

Moreover, through mobile onboarding, it becomes easier to provide training and ensure uniformity of knowledge dissemination to frontline employees spread across different regions.

2. Keep your frontline informed

The frontline workforce is the first touchpoint to the customers. Through mobile learning, you can keep them updated about a new product or changes in procedures so that they can offer better services to the client.

Most of the modern mobile learning solutions allow you to communicate with all your frontline employees at one go to provide timely information. For instance, due to COVID-19, the Government of India has imposed a night curfew. So you can instantly inform all your delivery agents together regardless of their location to deliver the products before 7:00 PM. It is better to have a single point of contact to convey crucial information in real-time. 

3. Remove the language barrier with vernacular learning 

The language barrier is a major roadblock while upskilling frontline employees. One of our eCommerce clients at disprz faced the same issue.

Their delivery associates were distributed across India and spoke 9 different languages. Through our mobile app learning solution, they could provide learning and even conduct periodic assessments in multiple languages to test the understanding. 

Only when your frontline employees understand a language, will they invest time in learning. So it is important to blend mobile with vernacular learning, as frontline employees prefer learning in the languages they know. 

4. Deliver personalized learning anywhere 

Personalization is the key to train frontline employees successfully. So opt for a solution that helps you create personalized mobile learning experiences tailored to individuals’ needs. 

For instance, disprz, an AI-powered skilling suite provides personalized recommendations on the mobile app, based on past behavior and learning patterns of learners. Moreover, it integrates with various third-party apps to manage and determine KPI scores. 

You can compare various KPI scores to measure progress. For example, the KPI score of your employee in the first quarter was 6 so you can see if it has improved or decreased in the second quarter. So, accordingly, you can have a feedback session to identify the performance gap and personalize the learning materials to fill those gaps. 

5. Support peer learning 

Frontline employees learn best from peers and a mobile learning solution is the best channel for knowledge sharing. Mobile can be used as a means of content generation. 

Moreover, you can open lines of communication for the team on mobile to discuss challenging client-facing situations. The frontline team can start a common thread and post their queries on the social wall. They can record their experience of customer interaction using mobile and share the same with other users. 


Mobile learning is the best way to meet your frontline employees at the point of need. No more relying on emails or bulletin boards, you can easily keep your frontline employees informed by pushing out content on a mobile learning solution. 

Are you still unsure about a mobile learning solution? Talk to us, we can guide you. 

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