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Skill Analytics – Beyond learning and skilling for better ROI

Renowned names of the industry like Amazon, Starbucks, Coca-Cola have used analytics to derive critical behavioral insights to enhance business operations and improve customer satisfaction. 

Modern analytics have the potential to unlock opportunities, uncover new revenue streams, and address potential roadblocks that can affect efforts.

Analytics can even be applied to skilling and development for digging deeper into learning behavior to improve the overall experience. 

Without a clear measurement plan, it is difficult to interpret the success of skilling initiatives taken by the organization or determine what needs to be changed in the current model. 

It is imperative to find out whether your skilling and development programs are helping your employees in improving their performance and enhancing their skills. 

The best way to know that is through skill analytics. Learning programs are often implemented by a company to help employees produce certain business outputs. 

Through proper analytics and insights, it is possible to determine how far the employees are from achieving those outputs and what amendments you need to make in your skilling and development modules.  

What is skill analytics and why is it important?

Skill analytics gives you insights into the skill progress of your employees and helps you determine their proficiency level. You have been investing time, effort, resources in designing informative courses for your employees. 

But are your employees completing those courses?

Are your employees’ skills growing through your learning initiatives?

Are their KPI scores increasing?

Through skill analytics, you can find answers to these and several other performance-related questions. 

Skill analytics is the process of collecting, measuring, and analyzing data for the purpose of deriving information that can be used to make learning and development better.

It helps in identifying early indicators of the success or failures to take real-time actions. It helps you identify their pain points and the scope of further development. It helps you understand how the employees are engaging with your resources. 

For instance, if the skilling and development course is not engaging or intuitive, most of the employees won’t complete the course. Before using disprz, many of our customers faced the same issue. 

disprz has enabled companies like Wellness Forever, a leading pharmacy retail chain in India increase their course completion ratio by 80%. Our end-to-end skilling transformation has also helped them reduce the in-class training time from 5 days to 2 days per month. 

What can you do with skill analytics?

Skill analytics helps you to measure and improve your employees’ performance. You can identify their areas of expertise, track growth, and create targeted learning initiatives to get better results.

With the right skill analytics you can: 

1. Get an in-depth breakdown of details about your team’s performance

Nowadays companies are providing learning opportunities to their employees. But is that sufficient?

Let’s look at a situation here: 

If your laptop or any other appliance stops working, don’t you dig into the problem and ask questions like – What is the issue or why is it not working?

Similarly, if your employees are not able to deliver the expected results, it is crucial that you know the root cause.

Skill analytics provides an in-depth breakdown of your employee performance data into specific details. It helps you identify barriers that keep them from completing work to a satisfactory level. A holistic understanding of the employees’ performance helps in taking the necessary steps to guide them on the right path.

2. Identify patterns to get predictive insights

Predictive insights provide early warning of the problems that might affect the productivity of the employee. Skill analytics identify patterns and provide insights into what is most likely to happen. The accuracy of these insights is highly dependent on the quality of the data. However, these predictive insights can help in creating opportunities for providing timely intervention and support to the employees. 

3. Design training courses using skill analytics

Training can help in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the employees. However, if the training isn’t effective it can result in wastage of time and resources. 

So, how do you measure the effectiveness of your training and make it better? Well, skill analytics can help ease the process. The best thing to do here is to use a skill acceleration tool that not only helps in creating training courses but also keeps all the data streamlined in one place. So you can easily keep track of their learning behavior and use the insights to design your future courses. 

Example: A certain course on sales pipeline management had a low completion rate among the senior sales executives while the new hires found it effective. Further diagnosis into this matter revealed that the course content was very basic for the experienced sales reps. Courses on tactics or strategies to convert the deals in the sales pipeline into paying customers would be more helpful for them. 

So, with such insights, you’ll know what steps you need to take to make the training interesting and effective for employees at different levels as one size doesn’t fit all.  

disprz analytics builder

Training-in-the-flow gets better with disprz. With its analytics builder, you can easily create a visual analytics dashboard and get a unified view of all the important metrics that matter to you. Diverse data analytics like usage, login, completion, feedback, and journey metrics, etc. is just one click away. ” You can even get insights to measure KPI.

1. Seamless data visualization

Leveraging the power of data visualization, you can check whether your employees are engaging with your courses and completing them. Easily find out the login frequency and time spent on each course. 

2. Smart filters

You can add filters to instantly find the specific information you need in minutes. For instance, if you have employees working in different countries, you can easily add the filter to find out what’s working well for employees in a specific country. You can even find out whether a push-based learning approach or a pull-based learning approach works better for a specific designation. 

3. Advanced analysis through slices and dices

disprz analytics builder allows you to add unlimited analytics pages and apply the cuts to break down data across modules, user types, location, and much more. For instance, every module has functional, behavioral & leadership courses. So through analytics, you can identify which courses employees are adopting better than the other.

4. Flexibility to customize

disprz gives you the ease of customization so you can decide how you want to view the data. You can get creative through customizable charts, graphs, and diagrams. You can even automate this process to save time. You can easily get custom-made reports in no time, mailed to your inbox.

All set to use disprz’s analytics builder

disprz analytics builder is an all-in-one solution to evaluate the current state, spot performance gaps, and make better skilling decisions. Analytics builder can be used in the performance management of both knowledge workers (finance teams, operations, supply chain, etc) as well as frontline workers (sales, insurance agents, store managers).  disprz even provides mobile-driven analytics, so you can keep track of your employee’s performance on the go. 

Request for a free demo to know how disprz analytics builder can improve your organization’s skilling initiatives

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