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Learning in the flow of work to boost employee performance

Promote Learning in the Flow of Work to Improve Employee Performance

Many employees do not get enough learning opportunities to address the challenges that are affecting their performance. And others that do get opportunities are struggling to find time in their busy schedules to participate in learning and development programs. In fact, most employees say only have about 24 minutes to learn. Promoting learning in the flow of work is essential to ensure employees not only receive the opportunity for L&D, but also have the time to actually participate in the learning. 

Benefits of learning in the flow of work

Josh Bersin conducted a survey with LinkedIn where he asked professionals a series of questions about how they spend their time at work. They also asked them what drives their feelings of satisfaction at work.

As per their survey, employees who spend time at work learning are:

  • 47% less likely to be stressed responsibilities
  • 39% more likely to feel productive and successful
  • 39% more likely to feel productive and successful

    Integrating learning in the flow of work also promotes performance efficiency, boosts productivity and business outcomes. Employees also become more agile and adaptable to challenging situations. When learning in the flow of work takes place, employees can easily apply what they’ve learned to their daily tasks and capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way. 

    4 ways to promote learning in the flow of work 

    Learning in the flow of work is the best way to upskill your employees without interrupting their workflow. Here are 4 ways to promote learning in the flow of work, ensuring your employees have the L&D opportunities they need to grow and impact your business outcomes.  

    1. Embrace the power of microlearning 

    Microlearning blends well with the learning in the flow of the work environment; the bite-sized content is easy to digest and is less time and resource-intensive. 

    Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient and produces 50% more engagement with employees. (source)

    This skill-based approach is an ideal way to quickly find answers to specific problems that arise during work. It is a perfect fit in a fast-paced work culture as it delivers small morsels of knowledge in real-time at the point of need. High-quality and interactive microlearning modules can capture interest and engage your employees. 

    2. Leverage mobile learning technology 

    Mobile learning is another powerful approach that supports learning in the flow of work. It checks all the boxes of benefits, from learning flexibility to improving efficiency. Mobile learning is not only beneficial for employees, but it also helps companies in improving their business outcomes. 

    43% of learners see improved productivity levels compared to non-mobile users (source)

    Through self-paced mobile learning, employees can easily learn new skills at any hour of their day to improve their performance and contribute to the business revenue growth.

    3. Employ a centralized content repository

    For the easy adoption of learning in the flow of work, it is pivotal to have a centralized repository that employees can effortlessly access at any hour of the day. Content that is curated and streamlined on one learning platform is easy to use and even easier to access. Leveraging modern learning technology, like a learning experience platform, ensures the content is streamlined and is powered with a smart AI to suggest relevant content to the employees.  

    4. Gamify the learning experience 

    Sometimes work gets too serious and tedious. A pinch of fun is necessary to spread enthusiasm at work. Adding a gaming element to L&D encourages employees to make learning a part of their everyday work. In fact, 89% of employees claim that if a task is gamified, they feel more eager to complete it.

     Gamification helps in creating a more interactive learning experience and improves learner engagement. With gamifications, can create quizzes and polls to engage employees. Through leaderboards, you can motivate employees to walk the extra mile and put in more effort. 

    Drive business outcomes with learning in the flow of work 

    Learning in the flow of work can take your employees’ performance to the next level. All you need to do is provide the right learning environment, tools, and resources to your employees. Be sure to measure your learning initiatives through insightful analytics to improve employee skilling and development. 

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