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Personalized learning is the key to organizational success

Quick! Your fridge broke down and you need an electrician. What would you prefer: a book filled with numbers of every electrician in your country or Google that shows you accurate results of electricians near you? Often relevant information is tucked away in a flood of content. Most employees feel lost in dense content while using an organization’s Learning Management System. So, they don’t complete the courses and this affects their skill development. 

This is why companies like Bajaj Allianz are using advanced skilling suites and blending personalization with their learning strategies to give their employees what they exactly need. 

One size doesn’t fit all. Different people in the same role can be at different skilling points of their skilling journey. So, this private general insurance company wanted to give their employees the flexibility to explore skills based on their proficiency level. 

With the help of a complete skilling suite powered by disprz, they created personalized learning pathways and set milestones for each employee. Due to personalization, they witnessed a high engagement and course completion rate. They even won the Celent model insurer award 2021 for skillsity learning platform. 

Why should you personalize learning? 

Studies show that 77% of learning and development professionals believe that personalized learning is critical to employee engagement (Source)

Personalized learning is a learner-centric approach that focuses on the employee’s needs and interests. Relevant content is always welcomed by the learner. 

By personalizing learning you can- 

  • Save the learner’s time that would otherwise be wasted on concepts that are not relevant to them.
  • Increase engagement as the learners are more likely to interact with content that targets their pain points and area of work. 
  • Drives productivity and motivates the learner to put in more effort as the knowledge is intertwined with their daily routine. 

Personalization has been the key to success for several organizations. Research shows that high-performing organizations are more likely to deliver personalized learning than other companies.

When surveyed:

  • 93% agreed personalized learning supports an employee in reaching professional goals more efficiently.
  • 91% strongly agreed that personalized learning improved the link between learning and organization performance. 

Personalized learning – an effective solution to top skilling challenges 

Low completion rate, disengagement, poor performance, low level of adoption, etc are the challenges that companies often face in the learning space. Sadly, the obsolete learning approaches aren’t effective in the modern world of Netflix and Amazon where people get personalized recommendations. Employees expect the same during the learning journey as well. 

Modern employees are interested in “just for me” learning experiences. Something that one employee finds useful won’t necessarily be helpful for the others. Their problem areas might differ. 

For instance, the sales team is selling the same service. However, one sales rep is not able to make an effective cold call and the other isn’t able to convince a potential prospect to meet him for a product presentation. Since they are at different sales cycle stages, their learning recommendation should be tailored to their specific skilling needs. 

This is why a personalized learning approach is of paramount importance. But how to personalize learning?

Well here are a few ways of doing it. 

Dig deep into each employee’s learning needs 

To build a successful personalized learning culture, it is important to have a holistic view of each employee’s learning needs and skill gaps

Commence by determining the skills that are essential for a specific job role and then find out if an employee possesses those skills.

You can take the help of a skilling suite that aids in role-based benchmarking. So with a data-driven skill architect tool, you can easily benchmark, map, and identify the right skills needed for a specific job role within each department. For instance, you want to identify the right skills for a Customer service manager in the pharma industry. So disprz skill architect tool will ask you to select the industry, department, and role. Once you do that you will see various skills mapped for the specific role you selected. 

The skills architect will intelligently recommend different skills needed for a customer success manager. You can easily compare, explore or edit the skills that are mapped. You can dig deep into a specific skill. For example customer orientation, so you’ll get in-depth proficiency levels describing the abilities and knowledge that goes into bringing this specific skill into action. 

Assess the skill level of your employees with the skills you have identified as being most important for a specific job role. You can use a skill score here that will help you in understanding how strong an employee is in a particular skill and what is s/he missing. 

Need to more about the skill architect tool? Preview and see it in action 

Once you identify the skill gaps, design personalized learning programs for each employee. Invest time in planning the courses required to develop a certain skill. The more energy you put into personalizing learning the better results you will get to see. 

Choose the right platform with AI capabilities 

Right decisions can change the game when it comes to learning. So, it is important to be extra careful while deciding the solution for employee skilling and development. The skilling platform that’s powered with AI capabilities can be your helping hand in augmenting learning experiences. 

AI helps in creating personalized learning pathways tailored to each individual’s specific needs. AI-based recommendations facilitate on-demand learning. Content is suggested based on an employee’s learning interest, learning history, and job role. It gives learners the control to access learning material at their pace and convenience. AI not only aligns learning with an individual’s performance goals but also allows you to predict course maps and make relevant changes in real-time. 

Businesses of various sizes are tapping into the potential of AI for personalizing learning. For instance, Angel Broking, one of the largest retail broking houses in India, used an AI-powered skilling suite to create a hyper-personalized learning journey for its employees.  

The personalized learning approach entwined with AI helped them capture the attention of the employees. They could achieve a higher level of learner engagement and witnessed a 2X increase in active users within two years. 

Embrace multi-format learning 

Some employees like to learn by watching videos, some by listening to podcasts, and others by reading short or long-form content. Give learners the flexibility to choose how they want to learn. Use videos, podcasts, and various forms of bite-sized and engaging content. 

Experiment with microlearning and gamification to encourage people to learn more. 

Microlearning is a great way to personalize learning and make it hyper-relevant to the employees. Through mobile learning, you give them the flexibility to learn what they want, whenever they want. The bite-sized content seamlessly merges into the flow of work. This has a positive impact on the completion ratio. Learners are getting the information they need at the right time and place so they feel motivated to complete the courses. 

Learning can even be personalized by adding the fun element through gamification. The gamified approach is highly engaging and effective especially when it is clubbed with personalization. 

90% of employees feel more productive when using gamification. (source)


Employees show more interest in learning when they find the content relevant to their current role. Personalized learning is a great strategy to motivate employees to learn more and improve their skills for excelling at their jobs. Businesses that personalize their learning journey are able to see better performance score. The right skilling suite makes a huge difference when it comes to personalized learning. 

Request a free demo to see how disprz, an AI-powered skilling suite can help you personalize the learning journey for your employees. 

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