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e role of learning technologies in personalizing the learning process

The Role Of Learning Technologies In Personalizing The Learning Process

Skilled employees are the holy grail of a business. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for upskilling and reskilling employees. L&D professionals need to assess the skills gap and create a dedicated learning and development journey to build the necessary employee skills for doing a job effectively. Moreover, the learning journey needs to be personalized, or your employees will refrain from investing their time and efforts in upskilling.

So, how do you plan a personalized learning journey for employees that is aligned with the business goals? There are several learning technologies that can be your helping hand in creating a strong learning process. But you need the right learning technology to personalize employee learning to develop the right skills and enhance the capabilities of your workforce..  

The Continuous Advancements Of Learning Technologies

Post-pandemic companies have realized that they can’t rely merely on conventional training methods for upskilling employees. That’s why many companies are leveraging enterprise learning technologies for training employees.

With continuous advancements being made in learning technologies, companies are embracing the opportunity and incorporating skill-focused learning and development platforms like the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for upskilling.

LXP is a next-gen upskilling and learning technology that moves beyond content curation and helps companies across the globe identify and bridge the skill gap through hyper-personalized learning journeys. It dynamically tracks and addresses the unique learning needs of the employees. Moreover, it gives L&D professionals the flexibility to facilitate blended learning

Through online instructor-led training, L&D professionals can connect in real-time with the employees and then create courses that employees can enroll in at their convenient time. The personalization factor in the asynchronous set-up encourages employees to engage in learning and expand their skill set. 

Benefits Of Implementing Learning Technologies For Personalizing Learning 

An LXP platform provides a personalized experience that modern employees receive on various OTT platforms; hence it succeeds in garnering attention. Employees do not have to plunge into a pool of generic content to expand their skill set; just like an OTT platform, it recommends content based on the learner’s interest. 

An LXP smartly filters relevant content that’s tailored to the learner’s interest. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates learning into their flow of work so they can easily learn on the Job. 

There are several benefits of using learning technologies like an LXP:

  • Speed up skill-driven learning 
  • Align learning and business goals with intuitive learning paths 
  • Boost learning engagement with personalized learning
  • Provide the most up-to-date content for learning with AI-based content curation
  • Pinpoint the learning gap and highlight the improvement areas with advanced analytics

How Can The Disprz LXP Help You Scale Personalized Learning? 

Disprz is a modern learning technology that bundles the power of upskilling, content personalization and business-linked analytics all on one single platform. This innovative platform helps you ensure workforce productivity and capability building at scale.

Manish Mohan Mishra, Group Head – Hr transformation, Emirates National Oil Company, UAE, shares how learning technologies, like Disprz, helps build success profiles that move beyond creating skill and competencies and gives employees a Netflix-like experience by offering exactly what they want. For more insight, check out the full conversation of the L&D expert with team Disprz to find out how learning and skilling technology can help align learners with the right opportunity.

Disprz LXP is smartly designed to enable enterprises to win in the digitally-led world by focusing on holistic skill development. 

Disprz not only helps identify the right skills needed for different job roles but also assesses the current levels, drives hyper-personalized learning, and makes available insightful analytics that links back skilling to business performance. 

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