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Learning-in-the-flow of work to boost employee performance
Learning-in-the-flow of work to boost employee performance

Learning in the flow of work to boost employee performance

A seed needs continuous nurturing to mature and bloom into a flower. Your employees are just like those plants that need the right environment, nutrients, water, and sunlight to grow. If there is enough learning, there is growth in a business. 

Like a plant, even an employee has a lifecycle with various phases, each requiring distinct capabilities to progress into the next phase. All the phases are affected by external conditions like changing market trends, evolving technologies, and increasing competition. So it is essential to integrate learning into the flow of work to help employees grow and flourish successfully.

Why should your company prioritize learning in the flow of work

74% of workers out of 4,300 sample size felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities (source)

Most employees do not get enough learning opportunities to address the barriers that are affecting their performance. A learning transformation is essential to eliminate the barrier and empower the employees. 

Moreover, in the modern workspace, where time constraint is a major issue, companies need to have a different approach towards learning. 

As per a survey conducted by Deloitte, most employees said that they had about 24 minutes to learn. 

The best way to tackle the time issue is by embedding learning into the flow of work.

Josh Bersin and the team conducted a survey with LinkedIn (2,400 professionals responded) and asked professionals a series of questions about where they spend their time at work. They also asked them what drives their feelings of satisfaction at work.

As per their  survey, employees who spend time at work learning are

  •  47% less likely to be stressed
  •  23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities
  •  39% more likely to feel productive and successful

Integrating learning and work more tightly with each other promotes efficiency gains and boosts productivity and profits. Employees become more agile and adaptable to various challenging situations. Employees can easily apply what they’ve learned to their daily tasks and capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way. 

How to adopt learning in the flow of work 

On-the-job learning is the best way to upskill your employees without interrupting their workflow. Read on to find various effective ways to embed learning into the flow of work. 

Harness the power of macro and microlearning 

Microlearning blends well with the learning in the flow of the work environment; the bite-sized content is easy to digest and is less time and resource-intensive. 

Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient and produces 50% more engagement with employees. (source)

This skill-based approach is an ideal way to quickly find answers to specific problems that arise during work. It is a perfect fit in the fast-paced work culture as it delivers a nugget of knowledge in real-time at the point of need. High-quality and interactive micro-learning modules can capture interest and engage the employees. 

Encourage use of mobile learning 

Mobile learning is another powerful approach that supports learning in the flow of work. It checks all the boxes of benefits, from flexibility to improving efficiency. M-learning is not only beneficial for the employees, but it also helps companies in improving their revenue. Through M-learning, employees can easily learn new things at any hour of their day to improve their performance and contribute to the business revenue growth. For instance, if a sales representative is not able to fulfil his monthly sales quota, through m-learning courses, he can learn new techniques at his fingertips and improve the selling strategies to increase the sales of the company. 

So, encourage employees to use their smartphones for balancing learning and work. With this on-the-go learning, employees can make the most of every opportunity they get to upskill themselves. Employees can conveniently learn at their own pace. 

43% of learners see improved productivity levels compared to non-mobile users (source)

Ensure all the content is streamlined in one place 

For the easy adoption of learning in the flow of work culture, it is pivotal to have a centralized repository that employees can effortlessly access at any hour of the day. Content that is curated and streamlined on one platform is easy to use rather than relying on Youtube or Google to find information. Take the help of a modern solution that helps keep the content streamlined and is powered with a smart AI to suggest relevant content to the employees.  

One of our clients, who are the largest technology investor in the world, faced a similar challenge. They were using three different content sources that complicated the learning for their employees. Watch the video to see how bringing all their employees on a single platform helped them meet their learning objectives. 

Gamify learning 

Sometimes work gets too serious and tedious. A pinch of fun is necessary to spread enthusiasm at work. Adding a gaming element to learning can encourage the employees to make learning a part of their everyday work. Gamification helps in creating a more interactive learning experience. 

You can create quizzes and polls to engage employees. Through leaderboards, you can motivate employees to walk the extra mile and put in more effort. 

Numbers don’t lie. Here are a few stats that prove the effectiveness of gamification at work. 

  • 72% of employees claim gamification motivates them to work harder. 
  • 89% of employees claim that if a task is gamified, they feel eager to complete it and are in a competitive mood.
  • In 2019, 79% of employees stated that they gained motivation and purpose at the workplace because of gamified activities

Capitalize on every opportunity with learning in the flow or work 

Learning in the flow of work can help take your employees’ performance to the next level. All you need to do is provide the right learning environment, tools, and resources to your employees. Keep measuring your learning initiatives through insightful analytics to improve employees’ skilling and development. disprz is a complete skilling suite that can help in embeding learning in the flow of work. See a preview to experience disprz in action. 

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