Planning to build robust L&D strategies for 2023? Here are insights from L&D industry experts that can help you enhance your strategies.
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Boost Employee Development By Training The Leaders

L&D leaders are a powerful force that can drive the workforce in a lucrative direction and help the business achieve its goals. Delivering learning at scale is challenging without equipping the L&D leader with the essential skills for driving effective learning and development programs.

Proficient leaders with the right skills can influence employees and facilitate a positive culture of continuous learning

Improve Employee Development with Leadership Training

Skills have a very short shelf life. They change at a very fast pace. If your L&D professionals aren’t committed to continuous skill development, your company will gradually become stagnant. Moreover, meeting the diverse employees learning needs isn’t a walk in the park.

The L&D professionals need to stay on their toes and explore various learning techniques to grab the attention of modern learners. Hence it is critical to upskill the L&D professionals with trending skills. 

Updating the existing knowledge not only empowers the L&D professionals in designing better learning sessions but also helps them in driving better learning ROI for the company. 

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development – John C Maxwell 

Training the trainer helps in:

  • Equipping the L&D professional with in-demand skills to improve performance 
  • Unlocking the full potential of the employees 
  • Making the L&D professional confident to solve varied employee queries
  • Faster dissemination of information 
  • Maintain consistency across the organization while training the distributed workforce 
  • Strengthening the L&D professional to align skilling with business goals 

The success of employee development initiatives depends on the efficiency of an L&D professional. Hence companies worldwide are putting efforts and resources into leadership training. Efficient leaders can make learning more interactive and enhance employee development by offering blended learning experiences to employees

Norlida Azmi, CHRO, Axiata Malaysia, shares how L&D leaders can blend push and pull based to achieve better L&D results. Check out the full conversation of the L&D expert with Prachi Sharma, Head – Skills Solutioning & Adoption, Disprz.

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