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How to deliver OJT for the frontline that translates into workplace performance

Delivering OJT That Translates Into Workplace Performance – Frontline Training

Frontline employees are the strong pillar of any business. Their performance plays a significant role in determining a company’s reputation in front of the customers. A positive review by the customer can attract more customers, but a negative review can spread like wildfire and jeopardize future opportunities for a business. Hence it is pivotal to give frontline skill development utmost attention to drive positive performance.

Moreover, we cannot ignore the fact that the frontline attrition rate is very high in several industries. 

As per a survey, 50% of frontline workers are planning to resign.

Frontline employees need growth opportunities. Sadly, frontline training happens once in a blue moon in some organizations.

As per a survey of 1000 frontline employees, 40% received training only once a year. 

Without providing proper training, a company is at the risk of losing proficient talents and lucrative customers due to unsatisfactory performance. 

Continuous on-the-job training has become the need of the hour to retain the frontline talent and empower them to serve the clients better. A structured workplace training program can fill the performance gap and empower the frontline to deliver an experience that the client remembers and shares. 

What is on-the-job training, and why is it important for frontline workers

On-the-job training is a technique that focuses on providing hands-on experience in different situations through real-time knowledge and skill dissemination at the workplace. This technique is based on the principle of “learning by doing.” It helps develop a special aptitude to become competent and manage routine tasks more efficiently.

On-the-job training helps in combating the forgetting curve. This is crucial for the frontline workforce as they have too much on their plate. So, there is a high tendency for the information disseminated through in-person training to decay in their minds. However, if the same information is presented on a learning platform, they can effortlessly access it and refer to the completed courses at the time of need. Moreover, the frontline workforce can even self-enroll in new courses whenever they get stuck. So through just-in-time learning, they can easily learn new techniques to address a specific challenge and apply it instantly. Moreover, they can even consume relevant knowledge they need at their own pace to improve their skills for moving up the career ladder. 

On-the-job training methods – steps to develop frontline workers’ capabilities for improving performance 

Here are a few ways to deliver on-the-job training to frontline employees that translate into workplace performance. 

Micro learning – Bite-sized content to address the time constraint 

The frontline team needs to act in real-time. For instance, a restaurant is registered on a food delivery app, and a specific item isn’t available for the day, so the frontline needs to remove it on time before a customer orders it, or else it would affect the reputation of the restaurant for displaying items that are not available. The frontline needs to be trained to manage such situations efficiently.

As a frontline, it is challenging to dedicate several hours at a stretch for learning and development. However, micro learning is a strategic solution to tackle the lack of time issue for learning at work. Employees can enroll in short videos or blogs to learn new techniques and strategies to handle various challenging situations. The knowledge nugget can also help them stay updated about a new product or a change in procedure. The main information can be conveyed through micro-learning at work, and later when the employees have time, they can dive deep to learn more about a specific topic and take assessments to test their knowledge. 

Gamification – Gaming element to engage the busy frontline workforce

Gamification is the hook that can help capture the frontline’s attention while training on the job. Whether it is frontline compliance training or live session for the distributed workforce on new product updates, gamification can help boost engagement. 

Nowadays, most modern learning tools have advanced Gamification features that can level up on-the-job training. For instance, using Disprz, a complete learning suite’s Gameinar, L&D can provide engaging learning sessions for employees in different cities or countries. It is possible to make workplace learning livelier and more fun through features like a roulette wheel, text wall, breakout rooms, and live leaderboards. After the learning sessions, L&D can even conduct quizzes to determine how much the frontline employee absorbed from the session. Moreover, features like polls and sticky notes help take real-time feedback from the frontline to improve on-the-job training.

Mobile learning- Flexibility to learn at any hour in the preferred language 

Mobile is the best companion of the frontline employees as they are away from the desk most of the time. In fact, some don’t have a desktop/laptop. So why not leverage mobile to provide on-the-job training to the frontline employees. Mobile is a great platform to get the relevant content out quickly in moments that matter to your frontline. They can easily upskill themselves on-the-go with the learning materials under their fingertips. Moreover, Disprz’s mobile learning tool supports multi-lingual learning that helps overcome the language barrier while training frontline employees in tier-2 and tier-3 cities who do not understand the standard English language. 

One of India’s largest e-commerce giants faced a language roadblock while training the frontline employees. Their delivery associates were distributed across India and spoke nine different languages. Through the Disprz mobile app learning solution, they could provide timely learning on the job and even conduct periodic assessments in multiple languages. This helped them increase their course completion rate and maximize the productivity of their delivery associates. 


The more a frontline worker learns on the job, the better s/he can perform and render optimum service to the clients. It is important to help the frontline visualize the benefits of investing time in workplace learning. Empower them with the right frontline enablement solution to build capabilities and transform behavior to deliver high-quality performance at all times. 

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