Watch Sr. Director HR of PepsiCo share her views on making learning a strategic pillar for employee growth
Growth hack: How startups can use skilling to catapult business growth
Growth hack: How startups can use skilling to catapult business growth

How Startups Can Use Skilling To Catapult Business Growth

Growing a startup is no walk in the park; it’s as challenging as starting it. Just like a chess player who uses the pawns to win a game, a startup needs to make the most of the frontline team to win in the digital-first world. 

Most startups get overwhelmed with the opportunities that come their way and often do not pay attention to their employees. This is one of the many reasons why some startups do not succeed. Without skilled professionals, it is difficult to capitalize on the opportunities and reach the peak of success. This is why startups need to focus on overall employee development along with business growth.

As per research, 21.5% of startups fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, and 50% in the fifth year. (source)

The above stats might seem scary; however, your business can avoid being part of these numbers by commencing a skill transformation journey. 

Leveraging the benefits of upskilling in your startup

Are you stuck in the hiring-attrition-hiring cycle? The reason might be that you are just focusing on hiring the best talent rather than retaining them by creating a culture of continuous learning and upskilling

As per research, 82 per cent of Indian startups pay more than the market median. However, they still face attrition of 21% (source)

Upskilling can have a positive impact on your startup’s retention rate and the bottom line and growth. 

Below are the benefits of upskilling the frontline employees in your startup. 

  • Fill the frontline skill gaps. 
  • Expand the skillset for facing vivid industry challenges. 
  • Improve performance to deliver utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Address specific needs of each frontline worker and boost productivity.
  • Create a strong frontline squad, who might stay and even pass the winning strategies to future hires.

How startups can upskill the frontline employee 

Upskilling frontline can reap enormous rewards for a startup if done in the right way. Here are a few effective ways to upskill your frontline employees. 

Embrace the power of storytelling and flashcard

Storytelling is one of the most effective strategies to provide immersive and engaging learning experiences to the frontline workforce. Taking a piece of knowledge and transforming it into something creative that resonates with the frontline workforce.

Through flashcards, you can share use cases to help the frontline handle a specific situation in a better way. For instance, ask the leader or best performing executive to share their experience of dealing with a reluctant potential buyer. So the experience and strategies used to convert a potential buyer into a customer can be presented in the flashcard to train the frontline employee. 

Multilingual learning for the distributed workforce 

Does your startup have a workforce that is scattered across different cities? 

If your answer is yes, then you must know the challenges of catering to people speaking multiple regional languages. Frontline in the tier-2 or tier-3 cities might not be fluent in the standard English language. So there are chances that they might not engage with the learning material. 

Consider taking the multilingual approach to convey the core message clearly to your frontline team. Your employees can easily learn in the language they know and take up assessments to test the understanding of a specific subject.  

Boost engagement with gamification 

Startup employees often have too much on their plate, which sometimes puts them under a lot of performance pressure. By adding the gaming element, you can make learning fun for the frontline workers who are always on the go. 

Consider making your live session interesting with Gameinar. By using gaming tools like the roulette wheel or polls/quizzes while group training, you can engage with your team better. Through quizzes, you can find out if your employees are absorbing or avoiding the things discussed during the live session. A leaderboard can help in striking a healthy competition within your team and motivate them to learn more. 

Social learning to boost collaborative productivity 

As a startup, you would like to experiment and come up with new features and updates. Your frontline needs to stay informed about these changing products and processes. 

A social wall can help in keeping everyone informed. Moreover, it can be used to brainstorm and develop new ideas to serve the client better. Social learning opens the door to communication. The frontline can share learning materials and various tips with the teammates. Besides, if anyone has any query, they can easily get it resolved by posting it on the social wall. 

How a fintech startup used skilling suite for upskilling and growth 

A fintech startup that specialises in crest risk, gold loans and personal loans used disprz, a skilling suite, to upskill its employees. They were able to enhance performance and achieve better business outcomes by transitioning from a classroom conventional training to a mobile-first, digital learning culture. The startup drove adoption and engagement by creating gamified and regionalised microlearning content comprising 59 flashcards, 54 videos and 16 gamified cultural assets, resulting in 2X improvement in business performance. 

The right skilling approach can be a game-changer for your startup. With a complete skilling suite like disprz, you can onboard, upskill and focus on the overall development of your distributed frontline workforce. From personalised learning to gamification, the skilling suite is loaded with rich features that can help you empower your frontline workforce. See a preview of disprz in action. 

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