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How LMS can smoothen the onboarding process

How LMS can smoothen the onboarding process

I would like to introduce you to my hypothetical character, Shanaya Maharia before we delve deep into how an LMS can help in smoothing the onboarding process. 

Shanaya is a sales executive who decides to take a leap in her career by switching industries. She received an offer letter from a 10-year-old IT firm that she happily accepted. She is excited to enter a new industry. On her first day, for the first few hours, she felt like she was wandering in the wilderness, not knowing what to do. After a while, HR approached her, gave her a brief about the company, introduced her to the manager who shared a few emails about the company and the product. By the second half, after a short training, she was expected to commence her sales journey by making a few prospecting calls. 

Without knowing much about the company and product she found it difficult to interact with the customer. However, she used her experience and some knowledge she had about the company to pitch the product. Shanaya being new to the industry, found the technical product quite complicated. So, she took the help of her colleagues and survived for a  few months but the difficulty level kept escalating as new features were continuously added to the product. This eventually affected her performance. She couldn’t meet her targets and started looking for other job options. 

There are many such Shanayas in several companies who feel lost due to poor, complicated, or no onboarding process in place and eventually quit the company. 

88% of organizations do not onboard well. 

Companies face a high churn rate due to ineffective onboarding. 

Around 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days.

Whether large or small, each company needs to take the necessary steps to build an effective onboarding process. In fact, the onboarding journey should begin before the employee joins the company. Pre-onboarding gives the employees a direction they will know what to expect before stepping their foot into the company. Engaging with candidates between offer and joining can reduce dropout rates and have a long-term positive impact on candidate’s time-to-productivity when joining. The onboarding process needs to be smooth and simple instead of cumbersome and time-consuming. An LMS can help you in simplifying the onboarding process and make it more effective.

Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%

How LMS can smoothen the onboarding process 

An LMS helps in creating impactful onboarding processes that will make the new knowledge and frontline employees more confident. With an LMS you can set the right tone from the beginning and offer a pleasant onboarding experience that the employees shall remember.

An LMS has wide capabilities when it comes to employee onboarding. Let’s see what all an LMS can do to smoothen your onboarding process.  

Pre onboarding process

An LMS helps you in making a good first impression. Using the right LMS you can make the new hire feel welcomed with a few pre-onboarding activities. 

For instance, once the candidate accepts the offer letter you can send a  message or email saying “Hey welcome to the organization why don’t you start getting onboarded right away”. The knowledge worker or frontline workforce can either access the LMS online or download the app and start getting acquainted with your company and product before joining.

You can share engaging content about the company, history,  basic tenets, org structure, etc. with them. You can make the pre-onboarding process interactive through quizzes and assessments to drive both engagement and learning

Automation led 30-60-90 days onboarding journey 

Don’t you like it when you spend less and get more? Well, by automating your onboarding process you can get better results by spending less time and effort. 

Using LMS within disprz you can create 30-60-90 workflows to simplify the onboarding process and engage the employees throughout the journey. 

It allows you to combine various content formats like videos, flashcards, blogs, documents, etc to engage the new hires. You can even integrate assessments for periodic checks.

For instance, on the day of joining the new hire will be assigned certain modules. 

On day one, an onboarding introduction video will be shared with the new hire. On completion of that, the new employee can have a live session with the CHRO and business head on day 2. Post that the employee can go through the documents on the organization, product & culture overview. On completion of that, the employee can go through various business verticals the next day. Then the new hire can take up some objective type quiz to test the knowledge. 

In an LMS workflows are not confined to the new hires. Workflows can be set up for the managers as well to inform them that the new hire has completed a task, so s/he could assign a new one.

In this way, a 30-60-90 day structured onboarding pathway can be created to ensure that the employee is empowered and up to speed from the first day

Take feedback and address queries instantly 

Is your 30-60- 90 days onboarding process effective? Well, the best way to find that is by taking the feedback from the new hires who have completed the full onboarding journey.  

The new hire can record audio or video and upload it in the LMS to share what they feel about the company. You can even share surveys after each session to gauge their interest level. It helps you in understanding if the new hires are liking what you are doing or you need to implement some changes to make the onboarding sessions more interesting. 

The best part about an LMS is that it keeps a new hire connected with the manager and the team. If they have any specific questions or suggestions regarding the onboarding process they can instantly post on the LMS. 

For instance, disprz, a learning solution offers a social learning platform called buzz where the new hire can clear their doubts and share their thoughts about the company’s work culture, future projects, and any trending courses, etc. Their team member can share learning modules or useful documents to acquaint the new hire with different processes. 

Track the onboarding process and learning behavior in real-time 

An LMS provides real-time visibility into the onboarding and learning analytics. Through detailed insights, it allows you to track employee performance, job readiness, and learning patterns. With real-time information, you can predict and identify employees which are not going to be making the cut of timely productivity.  

With an LMS, you can deep dive into various metrics to find out how many new hires are completing the courses and which learning programs are effective. Accordingly, take actionable measures to accelerate time-to-productivity. For instance, if most digital marketing executives are not engaging with the blog on “how to generate leads from the Middle East”, you can change the format and upload a video or podcast that might capture their interest, 


An LMS can smoothen the entire onboarding process and help new employees start off strong. When everything is streamlined it becomes easier for the new hires to take up and excel in the job responsibilities given to them. disprz’s low touch high scale onboarding helps in making employees job-ready from the very first day. With this high-end learning solution, you can build effective onboarding pathways to make the new hires productive quickly. See a preview to experience disprz low touch high scale onboarding in action. 

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