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Gamification for learning

How Gamification Can Drive Engagement And Enhance Frontline Training

Frontline training is crucial as frontline workers are the face of the company. The survey of more than 1,000 employees indicates that around 1/3rd of the frontline workforce does not receive any formal workplace training.

If companies want efficient employees and happy customers, then they must provide adequate learning opportunities. However, these training programs need to be interesting and of high–quality. If the training programs aren’t engaging, there is a very high chance that the frontline might ignore them. 

So, how do you capture the attention of the distributed workforce and propel them to engage with learning development programs? One of the effective ways to engage frontline employees is through gamification. 

Gamification to Enhance Frontline Training

Frontline training programs that incorporate gamification elements are often successful in engaging the deskless workforce. 

As per Finances Online research, gamification can boost employee engagement by 60%.

Gamification is an effective way of training the frontline as it promotes continuous engagement. You can conduct live sessions for the distributed workforce and engage a clan of frontline together in a synchronous setup. Through quizzes and polls, you can make the session more interactive and live. Instead of a monologue, gamification enables a two-way conversation in a digital learning session. 

A recent survey of over 500 workers showed that 83% felt motivated by gamified training, whereas 49% reported being bored during non-gamified training.

Moreover, in an asynchronous set through leaderboards and badges, companies can strike healthy competition between employees. Reward and recognition push employees to walk the extra mile and put in more effort to be on the top of the leaderboard. 

As per research, leaderboards contributed to a 47% increase in the number of return users. Moreover, as per an IBM-led study, 87% of participants said they were more engaged because of the company’s digital badge program.

Gamified learning isn’t rocket science. It just needs the right techniques and approaches that resonate with the learner to be truly successful. 

Gabriella Planojevic, The Group head of Talent Development AI-Futtaim Group, UAE, shares her expert views on engaging the frontline workforce by gamifying learning in an interesting conversation with our VP and business head for the Middle East, Ravi Kesavan. 

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