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How businesses can drive the great reshuffle in a positive direction

How businesses can drive the great reshuffle in a positive direction 

Our experiences shape our outlook, and the pandemic has not only left a mark on businesses but also changed the way employees think about their work and careers. Employees are thinking differently about their career aspirations. In fact, they are questioning themselves about the job they do. 

employees suffering from imposter syndrome

Is the Great Reshuffle hampering your business numbers?

Talent and skill shortages are the biggest hurdles on the path to achieving business goals.

Has the Great Reshuffle worsened the shortage and impacted your business goals?

Look at the Great Reshuffle through a positive lens, and you will find an opportunity in disguise. It is an opportunity to reinvent the workplace culture and develop a deeper bond with the employees that have extrinsic motivational value. When employees are content with the workplace, they tend to perform better and contribute to the growth of the company. 

Happy employees

The conventional way of offering great compensation isn’t enough to retain great talents. It is critical to establish and nurture a learning environment where employees can grow and advance in their careers. Employees should be able to see a clear picture of their career progression. Map out a path to professional development and help them visualise the benefits of learning. Employees value the companies that give importance to their career development and are motivated to work with unwavering determination to fulfil the company’s goals.  

It is time to react – Take a positive turn towards the future of learning 

If the foundation is weak, the entire building might collapse. So ensure your L&D is strong enough to build a modern learning infrastructure in your organisation.  Learning and development help in increasing employee productivity and taking the next step toward innovation The best way of responding to the Great Reshuffle is by upgrading your learning and development to build the workforce of tomorrow.

So, take a step back and mull over the below questions:

Is your L&D ready? – Start by training the learning and development professionals  

Proficient L&D professionals are rare talent; if you find the right one, you cannot afford to lose them. The L&D professionals are no different from the rest of the employees of your organisation. Like others, they need to continuously hone their skills to stay relevant in this rapidly changing business world. 

Amidst the Great Reshuffle, a skilled L&D professional can play a critical role in keeping the best talent. So ensure you incorporate a train-the-trainer model in your organisation where the L&D professionals are consistently trained on how to disseminate consistent on the job learning opportunities throughout the organisation. 

L&D professionals need constant upskilling to expand their expertise and grow their competencies as mentors to anticipate the learners’ needs to provide utmost satisfaction. Moreover, with digital acceleration, L&D even need the right skills to leverage the benefits of modern learning technologies. The L&D professionals should be equipped with all the tools and resources to keep themselves updated on the latest learning and development trends. Training a diversified workforce is no walk in the park. Hence train the L&D professionals to ensure they handle the minutest query efficiently and conduct effective learning sessions that reap fruitful results. 

Are the managers aware of the employees’ needs? – Leadership training is a must

It is critical to know what the team needs to lead a team effectively is critical. Unfortunately, there is a communication gap between the leaders and employees, which leads to dissatisfaction and high attrition. 

Managers need to foster open communications and be active listeners. Open communications help employees voice their thoughts. This is a great way to understand the employee’s needs and requirements.

open communication

Leadership training is crucial to help managers develop people skills like open communication and active listening. Managers should be trained to build a healthy relationship that’s a conglomeration of trust, transparency and integrity. The managers being closest to the employees can help the L&D team create result-driven L&D programs for improving employee skills and retention rates. 

Are employee aspirations given importance in your organisation? – It is time for a reskilling push 

Modern employees do not want to be boxed in the same role with limited capabilities. They aspire to move beyond their current role and take up more responsibilities to climb the stairs of success in their career.

An aspired employee can be a valuable asset to the company. Hence put the spotlight on employee aspirations and give them the reskilling opportunities to smoothly transition into the new roles.

upskilling and reskilling is crucial amidst the great reshuffle

Reskilling is the surest pathway to longevity; hence determine the skills needed for a specific role and help employees develop those skills to ensure they successful dip their toes into new responsibilities. 

Is your business ready for rapid change? – skill-building platform is crucial for amplifying L&d programs 

The old-school training isn’t effective in the modern business world, where employees expect a personalised learning experience. Hence jump on the digital learning bandwagon by embracing a skill-building technology. For instance, with the AI-powered skilling solution like disprz, an Indian private general insurance company could create personalised learning journeys and increase adoption. A pharmacy retail chain could drive KPI-based coaching and keep employees up-to-date with microlearning nuggets on how to stock up on medicine, prescribe the right drugs, etc. They experienced an 80% course completion rate across their stores. 

The right skill-building platform can help cultivate a continuous learning culture. It can help you in managing the complete employee lifecycle, from onboarding employees to help them progress to the next level. 

Over to you 

Taking a positive turn towards the future of learning can help prevent “The Great Reshuffle”. Employees aspire to succeed in their careers; if you give them the chance to expand their capabilities and grow within the organization, they won’t look for opportunities outside the company. Focusing on mentoring employees to keep a check on their needs and fulfil them in real-time to ensure utmost satisfaction. 

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