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E-commerce acceleration – How to enable frontline success

E-commerce acceleration | How to enable it for frontline success

E-commerce has suddenly become the one-stop solution for all our shopping needs. Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of e-commerce significantly. E-commerce acceleration has raised the bar for frontline workers. The pressure is high, and the challenges keep adding up as the competition gets fiercer in this industry. 

The frontline workers who stay closest to the customers or operations have a significant impact on the bottom line of the e-commerce business. So, their performance is of paramount importance. If the frontline employees cannot meet the customers’ needs and requirements, you might lose them to the competitors. 

E-commerce business is dependent on customer loyalty, and frontline employees are ultimately the ones who can build trust and provide reasons for loyal customers to return. A good customer experience results in better sales. 

On average, a new e-commerce customer will spend $24.50, whereas a repeat customer will spend double, i.e., $52.50 – (Source)

Continuous learning and development at all levels can help in boosting the growth of an e-commerce business. 

How to empower frontline workers and drive them on the path of success

Frontline workers are the backbone of the e-commerce business. The more growth opportunities you provide to your frontline workers, the better they will serve your customers. Frontline success won’t happen overnight. A serious commitment to meaningful transformation is essential for strengthening your e-commerce frontline team

Read on to find ways to enable frontline success: 

Improve your onboarding process 

Setting a solid foundation can result in long-term success. The better the onboarding process, the quicker your frontline workers will begin being productive. E-commerce acceleration has brought numerous opportunities. Through the right onboarding, your frontline workers can capitalize on those opportunities. 

If the new hires are unclear on their next step or are not aligned they might not perform to the best of their abilities. You need to provide a proper walkthrough into the ins and out of the organization’s goals, culture, products, and processes. To fit into the hierarchy, the frontline workers must clearly understand how your e-commerce business operates. 

A thoughtfully created onboarding process helps ensure that the employees have all the essentials they need to perform exceptionally well. 

Organizations with a standard onboarding process report 50% greater new-hire productivity (source

Adding automation to your onboarding can help speed up the process and even save much time. For instance, with a tool like disprz, you can create automated workflows for 30-60-90 days onboarding journeys. On-the-job training will be auto-assigned with timely reminders. By automating your onboarding process, you can ensure a  low-touch onboarding, and effortlessly assign courses to all your frontline workers regardless of their location. Moreover, you can onboard multiple workers together to save time and effort. 

Open the door to communication

E-commerce businesses have a high level of operational complexities. Moreover, the teams are working from remote locations. It requires more than just emails to exchange messages and crucial information. 

E-commerce frontline workers have unique communication needs that require an innovative approach. An effective communication strategy can help in bringing all the frontline employees under the same umbrella, making their work easier. 

A unified communication solution for the frontline workers can give them instant access to top-down information, updates, policy changes, and other necessary data at their fingertips. When all the communication is streamlined in one place, there will be more transparency and fewer conflicts between your frontline workers. They can quickly resolve issues, make informed decisions and offer better service to customers. 

Provide learning opportunities and upskill them

The e-commerce acceleration has taken the commercial game to a whole new level. Upskilling has become a necessity to survive and succeed in the e-commerce space. Frontline employees have to perform in a rapidly changing e-commerce environment, requiring continuous upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling.

Blend the right mix of insightful learning modules with on-the-job practices to sharpen their skills and make them competitive constantly. Involve managers in the flow of learning and enable them to provide regular feedback to the employees. Through skill analytics managers can identify strengths and spot improvement areas in real-time to ensure on-the-job performance. 

Introduce your frontline workers to specialized learning solutions to personalize their learning, as each learner will have a different skill gap that can be filled by personalizing the learning journey. Choose a solution that offers multi-lingual authoring to eliminate the language barrier. So, no matter in which city your frontline workers are, they can conveniently choose their preferred local language to achieve the skilling objectives. 

Acquaint frontline workers to new technologies 

The frontline workers have hectic schedules and are always on the move . They need to address the evolving e-commerce business demands, manage daily deliverables, deliver solid results and maintain customer relationships while providing utmost satisfaction. Modern technologies can be a helping hand for your frontline workers; the right tools can increase productivity, speed, and overall performance. 

Implementing cutting-edge technologies in the e-commerce business can help frontline workers execute their daily tasks effortlessly while minimizing delays and errors. 

Analyze the needs of your frontline workers and select a solution that can make their work easier and faster. Providing the necessary training can help them in making the most of the solution. Moreover, frontline workers are always on their toes. So, tap into bite-sized training resources. Explore various content formats. Micro-learning and mobile-first learning can address time constraints and even engage your frontline workers. 

Focus on analytic driven training

You might be providing training to your frontline workers, but are you getting the desired results? 

If not, then it is time to change your approach and switch to analytics-driven training. 

Data collected in the right way can help in identifying the performance gaps and addressing them in real-time. 

Insightful analytics can tell you everything you need to know for designing practical training and development strategies. Instead of relying on gut feeling or intuition, it is better to make data-driven decisions. So, focus on analytics to link learning outcomes with business outcomes 

Analyze your frontline workers’ performance and find out in which areas they are struggling the most. Use those analytics to guide the employees in the right direction. Through predictive analytics make informed decisions to increase the productivity of frontline workers. 

Recognize your frontline worker’s contributions and promote their achievements

Frontline employees are surrounded by challenging situations. Little motivation can help them in staying positive. A simple act of recognition can motivate frontline employees to work harder and perform better. 

Did one of the clients praise the work of a frontline employee? Share this news with others in the company. A proper strategy for frontline employee recognition can make workers feel good and even reduce the turnover rate. Either send an email or announce the achievement in a town hall meeting. Boost morale and confidence with words of encouragement. 


E-commerce acceleration demands better capabilities for surviving in the new landscape. So strengthen your frontline employees with constant upskilling and analytics-driven training. Support your frontline workers throughout their learning process. With the right adoption strategies, you can engage them to complete the necessary training, and make the process fun.

Provide the tools and resources they need to deliver optimum performance. Communicate and provide regular feedback to fill the performance gaps. You can take the help of a skilling & learning suite like disprz that helps enhance skills and provide analytics to take real-time action for improving performance and efficiency. 

Many e-commerce businesses have trusted disprz for upskilling their frontline employees. disprz helped one of the leading global e-commerce giants that faced scalability, onboarding, and continuous training issues. Their delivery associates were sourced from 29 different states and spoke nine different languages, making the multilingual app necessary. They also wanted a solution that could be automated, scaled, and customized as per their unique requirements. 

disprz provided a multilingual app embedded with engaging flashcards in 9 languages. The solution also offered periodic assessments and quizzes in multiple languages to test understanding of a particular subject. Coaching was imparted in the flow of work and was driven by KPIs to measure productivity. disprz customized the learning app for the client’s multi-tenant system for four different verticals. With the app, the client could quickly onboard 20000+ employees in one month, and they even saw improvement in KPI (through a reduction in false deliveries, attempts, and invalid scans.) 

Request a free demo today to explore how disprz can help your frontline employees take their performance to the next level. 

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