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Disprz bags the ETHR Award For ‘Excellence in Learning Tech implementation’!

The Future Skills Awards aims to acknowledge learning & development professionals achieving extraordinary results via their learning initiatives and positively impact organisations.

It was a huge honour to be bestowed upon with the silver medal for the “Excellence in Learning Tech implementation” category at the Future Skills Award. This was a monumental achievement stamping our capability as an AI-powered and data driven learning and skilling suite. Several learning tech companies competed with us to rise and shine in this moment of recognition.

It was a proud moment for Disprz!

Our moment in the sun….

This category at the ETHR Future Skills Awards recognises the ground-breaking & ingenious efforts to engage learners, accelerate organisational learning, integrate learning & work, and generate business impact.

The distinguished panel of a 20-member jury of prominent HR professionals assessed our capabilities on several factors such as the objective, ROI, innovative solution, execution & implementation strategy, and measurable impact before which Disprz’s enterprise learning management system aced this award category.

How did we achieve it?

Disprz got commended for Wellness Forever’s comprehensive skilling ecosystem, which empowers the employees right from onboarding to the steady stage to the next step in their career. Our enterprise learning management system provides a data-driven and scalable approach to skilling to achieve better business outcomes for their frontline workforce.

Since Wellness Forever is a chain of retail stores across the country, they wanted the platform to ensure store managers are consistently invested in the skilling process to drive performance.

Check out our detailed journey!

Wellness Forever wanted an enterprise learning management system for a data-driven approach to drive organizational development and instil continuous learning culture aligned with business objectives from onboarding to exit. Wellness Forever successfully shifted from a physical to an entirely digital learning mode.


Our persistence continues!

Winning this award has further motivated us to continue pushing our limits as an enterprise learning management system to help create future skills by identifying & benchmarking them against trending skills with the power of artificial intelligence and mobile technology.

Reach your full potential with a feature-rich & agile Disprz learning platform to drive KPI-based organisation-wide skilling. 

Experience Disprz solution in action!

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