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Disprz Won in Corporate LMS Category

Disprz Awarded “Leaders” Badge for Corporate LMS in G2 Report 2022

Disprz, an intuitive learning platform, empowers users for continuous growth by consolidating training at a single source and secured the “Leaders” badge in Corporate LMS (Learning Management System) in the G2 quarterly report 2022 (July to September) by ranking higher than our peers for customer satisfaction and market presence.

This recognition reflects the company’s core value of customer first. This acknowledgment reinforces its mission and inspires the disprz team to further invest in being responsive to customers. The primary reasons for disprz’s high ratings included ease of use, ability to track progress in real-time, and adaptability.

“At Disprz, our most deep-rooted value is being a customer first. Seeing our users rank us highly on G2 and helping us secure the leaders ranking in our industry speaks volumes about how far we’ve come. It furthers our mission to help build and redefine learning cultures in more organizations worldwide. Our team diligently listens to each customer to ensure we create solutions to particular learning challenges. Today, we are thankful to all of our clients for their advocacy and support of Disprz,” said Subramanian Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO at Disprz.

What is G2?

lt is a trusted software marketplace to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews annually. It’s democratizing software, disrupting the traditional analyst model, and building trust by showcasing the original voice of millions of software buyers.

Why did we win?

Disprz, the best LMS software, enables employers and employees to automate learning processes and faster collaboration. In the cutthroat job market, employers look for better ways to make a strong first impression and connect with candidates immediately.

Disprz clients have reported excellent results in engaging candidates with blended learning and onboarding features. The skilling suite provides the flexibility of training in multiple formats and boosts social learning to help convey information while allowing leaders to reinforce company culture.

And when new hires start, inviting them for learning journeys, connecting with other teammates on buzz, and conducting surveys make them feel welcome—right from day one.

What made us stand out from the crowd?

In today’s workplace, employee experience is more important than ever. Companies must meet employees’ needs and integrate company values into daily operations. Employees today want to be successful and grow in their positions, but they also want to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their coworkers. The pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the new workplace trend of quiet quitting accelerated these needs.

Disprz features like Buzz, Learning Journeys, Leaderboards, Gamification, and others help engage employees. And these features that promote inclusion and accessibility are having an impact. Disprz consolidates several processes and workflows into a centralized platform for easy management & analysis. Furthermore, it enables the organisation to create and foster a culture of learning.

We value everyone who took the time to review and provide feedback so that we can keep innovating for many years to come. If you are a Disprz client and want to share your thoughts on G2, please leave a review!

About Disprz

Disprz is a leading corporate LMS built to help companies train and upskill their teams, partners, and customers. With robust features and enterprise-grade security, Disprz helps admins and learners keep learning on track. Founded in 2015, Disprz consolidates several learning tool needs into one simple yet high-powered source.

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