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Disprz Helps Paragon’s Skill Development Drive

Paragon partners with disprz for skill development!

Skilled workers are a huge asset for businesses and they play a prominent role in a brand’s market reputation and continued success. Workers that are trained with a balance of technical and soft skills keep a work atmosphere positive and thriving. Paragon Technology & Innovation, a leading Indonesian beauty company, is taking their skill development drive up a notch with our AI-learning platform at disprz, for similar skills.

Paragon has launched premium beauty brands such as Wardah, Emina, Kahf and Make Over and manages the launch process from ideation to production and distribution. It’s imperative today to upskill and reskill a workforce to scale up the growth of an organisation. Paragon wants to strengthen its digital learning drive with disprz’s AI-recommended content course mapping, personalized learning journeys and bridge skill gaps.

“Employee learning & development at Paragon Technology & Innovation focuses on building soft skills like  time management, leadership and a problem-solving mindset. We have partnered with disprz as it’s a user-friendly learning platform that helps track & monitor user progress. It has helped us elevate our learning & development ecosystem with access to diverse content relevant to us. We are eager to harness  the complete range of features such as the Skill Architect and Skill Builder in upcoming months.” Larolina Khoirunnisaa, Management Trainee Human Resources, Paragon Technology & Innovation

Whether it’s their research & development team, business development team or human resources, disprz helps across all their departments with skill development to bridge skill gaps and boost employee learning with interactive content like flashcards, quizzes, etc.

“We are pleased to associate with Paragon Technology & Innovation, an organization that prioritizes employee skill development. With a scalable AI-powered learning platform, we strive to help clients foster learning, address role-based organizational skill gaps, personalized learning, and widen employee skill set.”Kuljit Chadha, Co-Founder & COO, disprz.

Personalized and interactive learning experiences from disprz help enterprises with skill development and help unlock employee potential.

See a preview of disprz in action!

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