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How to Bridge the Millennial Skills Gap: Upskill and Engage Your Growing Workforce

Millennial employees will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025. However, the skill deficiencies in most of these employees are affecting the health of many companies. The growing millennial skills gap leads to unsatisfactory performance, which negatively affects business profits. That is why it is essential to give real-time attention to your millennial workforce, as they can become the most significant detriment to attaining business goals. 

5 Ways to Bridge the Millennial Skills Gap 

Millennial workers are enthusiastic and willing to put in the extra effort to help companies succeed. All they need is direction and motivation. Investing your time to engage and upskill millennials will help to bring the best out of them.

 So how do you successfully bridge the millennial skills gap? Here are 5 tips that we suggest… 

1. Identify important skills required to achieve business goals

The first step is to identify the skills that the company needs to execute the business strategies effectively. The best way of doing this is by listing your business objectives and mapping the technical and soft skills required to achieve them.

For example, one of the goals is to make the customer service operations completely digital. So, for that, the team needs to develop the skills for efficiently handling virtual phone systems, live chat, video conferencing, and other digital tools.  

Keep in mind that the trends related to the future of work are changing at an exponential pace. It is pivotal to focus on the skills that are becoming more prevalent. Moreover, the company might implement new technologies and accommodate changes to the business model, ensure that the skills needed for a smooth transition are considered. 

Build a skill repository and share it with the millennials. Make it clear to the learners that the company values specific core skills that they must develop for delivering optimum performance. This will ensure they focus on L&D that will fill your millennial skills gap.

2. Conduct a skill gap analysis

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Sadly most millennials are not even aware of the skills that they lack. 

Conducting a skill gap analysis can aid in identifying the skills that your millennial employees need to develop to fill the skills gap. For that, it is crucial to determine the skills that millennial workers already possess. There are several ways to obtain this information, like surveys, performance reviews, skill assessment, etc. The reporting managers can be of great help in evaluating the existing skills of your millennial workers. 

Once you know what skills your employee already have, you must compare these to you skill repository. The difference between these two elements will show how large your millennial skills gap is, and what development needs to happen to fill it.

3. Connect with your millennial workforce and focus on positivity 

Now that you have determined your millennial skills gap, it is time to connect with your employees and share this information with your workforce. However, learners can easily get discouraged when the skills they lack are highlighted to them. So, it is important to help them visualize the lucrative path ahead in filling the skills gap.

Be sure to keep the positivity in mind when choosing mentors for upskilling your millennials. It is imperative to select ones who are upbeat, positive, and compelling.

4. Provide training 

Providing effective training is crucial for meeting the long-term goals of your business. Build a wide array of programs and discuss it with the reporting managers to better understand the training their team requires. This is imperative to ensure you are bridging the right skills gap.

5. Introduce your workforce to modern learning tools 

Millennials grew up in a time teeming with technology. That’s why it’s important to introduce them to learning tools that can make upskilling exciting and engaging. The right tools will allow you to identify you skills gap and help your millennial workforce bridge them.

An insightful platform, like disprz, can help you in training and upskilling your millennial workforce while also linking their performance to business outcomes. disprz offers a free demo so you can explore the tool to understand how it can be beneficial for your company and the millennial workforce. 

Are you ready to fill your millennial skills gap?

Filling the millennials’ skill gap might appear like a challenging task, but it can be very beneficial for the company if approached in the right manner. Millennials with the right skills can be an asset to any company. A little guidance and the right tools can help in addressing the millennial’s skill gap and improve performance.

Millennials are a highly educated and enthusiastic group. All they need is a little guidance to be on the right path. Organizations that focus on millennials’ growth can capitalize on their strengths and succeed.  

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