Planning to build robust L&D strategies for 2023? Here are insights from L&D industry experts that can help you enhance your strategies.
Key takeaways from an insightful report to boost workplace learning in 2022

Key takeaways from an insightful report to boost workplace learning

The increase in demand for new skillsets post-pandemic is pushing the L&D teams to revisit the learning strategies in 2022. Organizations need to adopt a dynamic learning approach to help employees stay competitive in today’s market and make them future-ready to meet businesses’ long term goals. A little tweak in the L&D process can help expand employee capabilities and drive productivity for fueling the company’s growth. 

Here are a few key takeaways from Udemy’s insightful report on 2022’s workplace learning trends:

  • Building power skills – Skills that can’t be replaced by machines. 

Examples of power skills – Communication and teamwork, Leadership and management, Productivity and collaboration skills, etc. 

  • Building tactical skills – Skills to excel in the day-to-day functions of a specific role. 

Examples of tactical skills – Business intelligence, Marketing, Project Management, etc. 

Examples of technical skills – Software development, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, etc. 


Identifying and addressing skill gaps can help improve employee performance and reach business goals. A complete skilling suite like disprz can help you make your organization’s employee learning and development more effective. This AI-powered solution helps identify the right skills needed for different job roles, assesses the current levels, drive hyper-personalized learning, and makes available insightful analytics that links back skilling to business performance. See a preview to experience disprz in action. 

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