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analytics builder

Business intelligence tool for learning and skilling analytics

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Transform raw learning data into actionable insights.

Optimize and improve learning experiences.

Save enormous amounts of time in creating reports.

analytics builder

Add unlimited analytics pages, build your own reports

Break down data by several cuts and filters for advanced analysis

Auto-generate and schedule timely reports, delivered to your inbox

The Need

How is Netflix aware of precisely what you’d like to watch next?
How does Spotify curate the perfect playlist for you?

Data Analytics is no longer just a trend. It’s an indispensable tool to understand user behaviour through quicker, deeper insights that helps make better decisions.

Skilling and development has gained strategic importance in an organization in recent times. Most organizations might have a learning platform in place, but is that enough? L&D leaders have to make several decisions to optimize and improve learning experiences to keep the workforce engaged. Decisions like whether a self-paced or a push-based module is more effective, is driven by insightful data.

Insightful data or Analytics is often confused with reporting. Most products are focused on reporting, which is a data dump presented in an organized format, as opposed to analytics, where data can lead to actionable insights and better outcomes for the business. This is where we come in.

The Solution:

The disprz analytics builder enables the transformation of raw data into actionable insights, from data to decisions, for the L&D organization. It allows you to create customized reports using accurate data to give you deeper insights into learner behaviour and usage patterns. This tool is the one-stop solution CXOs need to assess the current state, identify gaps, and make better skilling decisions for the future.



Build custom reports

DIY reports. View accurate usage trends, patterns, and anomalies

Add unlimited analytics' pages and get insights on time spent on learning, completions, journeys, KPI based coaching, and other abstract metrics



Advanced data analysis

Discover hidden insights from your raw data. Apply filters across various categories in real-time

Apply cuts and conditioning to break down data across modules, user types, location, and much more



Data Visualisation

Make data interpretation

easy and visually appealing

Apply cuts and conditioning to break down data across modules, user types, location, and much more



Auto-create and schedule report

Time is a luxury that organizations don’t have. Get custom-made reports in no time, mailed to your inbox

Generate timely PDF and PPT reports, delivered to your mailbox