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Key insights from the report - Adaptive Learning Organization
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Key Insights From The Report – Adaptive Learning Organization

The pandemic and digital acceleration have forced businesses to move out of their comfort zone and tweak their strategies. An adaptive learning strategy is of paramount importance to survive and succeed in the rapidly changing business environment. 

In the report “Adaptive Learning Organization” even Josh Bersin sheds light on the importance of becoming an adaptive learning organization in the post-Covid era.

As per his research, organizations with an adaptive learning approach are 53% more likely to experience growth. 

Below are the three characteristics of adaptivity that enable a proactive and fluid learning ecosystem:

Sense – Measure, analyze and draw actionable insights to proactively prepare for the emerging future.

Decide – Have a continual flow of insightful information with built-in pivot points that enable quick transformation decisions and efficient course correction. 

Evolve – Continually seeking innovation, testing new technologies, anticipating and transitioning to new ways of delivering learning. 

Nowadays you have modern solutions like a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that blends well with your adaptive learning strategy. You can track vital insights and create effective learning pathways that shall make your employees more agile and prepare them to deal with rapid market changes. 

Request a demo to experience a modern LXP in action. 

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